Thursday, June 02, 2011

I Think I May Have Passed on a Torch--Technically

By Belinda

Tippy and Tori had joined me for supper upstairs one night this week. As she munched on grilled cheese on toast, Tippy said, "We're having a bake sale at school for the track team. I need a pie."

"You've got it!" I said. Then I caught myself, remembering our great pie practice session of the previous week.

"But you could bake it."

"I know. I want to," said Tippy eagerly.

So as we continued our supper, I drilled her on the ingredients. She and Tori racked their brains and came up with them one by one: the flour, salt, shortening, water, vinegar and egg for the pastry and the apples, cinnamon, flour, sugar and margarine for the filling.

When I began to test her for the second time, on the quantities of each, Tippy had an idea, "Wait a minute, I'll get a piece of paper and a pen--NO, I'm going to put it into my ipod touch !"

Right there she entered the apple pie recipe into the handy tool while over my head there was a thought bubble, with a recipe card holder exploding. :)

Meanwhile, Tori was absorbed, gazing at her own ipod touch, a recent 12th birthday gift.

"What are you doing, Tori?" I asked.

"I'm reading a book," she said, "Alice in Wonderland."

I'm just trying to keep up; with my grandchildren--and a mother-in-law who turns 85 on June 2nd and tried to call for help on Skype while having a medical crisis this week!

But I think I may have passed on a pie torch--technically.


Marilyn Yocum said...

Let the pie torch blaze on!

Susan said...


Hahahahaha! Delightful!