Monday, June 13, 2011

The Definitely Doted Upon Dog

By Belinda

I have not written lately about Molson, my beloved furry friend, so here is what's going on in his life.

He is not living up to his job description as a stud dog, I am afraid to say.

He recently had a "date." He booked into his home kennel and the kennel owner arranged a romantic rendezvous for several days, with special quarters so that he and the "lady" in question could get acquainted with no distractions. We missed him terribly; our house was like an empty shell without him.

After a few days he came home to his ecstatic family, having had a hair cut and pedicure, but no romance, and it wasn't the lady's fault; he just wasn't that into it.

He is not a macho dog at all, although he is making progress and will now bark back when another dog barks aggressively at him.

Tori came upstairs looking for Brenda, who was debriefing her day over a cup of tea this evening.

"Molson was stuck in the bathroom!" she said to Brenda, with a note of reproach in her voice.

Let me explain: He was "stuck" in the bathroom with the door wide open, because he was afraid to walk past the bird cage. He will only do so with an escort or a push, one or the other and must have followed Brenda into the bathroom and been left behind. Well, the birds do rattle their cage you know!

But we all love him to pieces just the way he is. He is the perfect dog for who we are.  This match was definitely made in heaven.


Theresa said...

Poor Molson! Maybe his "date" just prefers Labatts :) LOL!!

Belinda said...

Ha ha Theresa--you are probably right! That's right, it is not his fault at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Theresa, I do not know you, but that is a good one. May I quote you on that?

Theresa said...

Of course, anonymous!