Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrating Seeing

By Belinda

On Thursday the cataract on my right eye was removed and a beautiful new lens implanted. I am the recipient of a modern medical miracle and so very grateful. The surgery went perfectly and as I lay on the stretcher in the recovery room, through the clear plastic eye shield, I looked at the clock on the wall and saw the time. Right after the operation!

I have seen only fuzzy shapes through that eye for so long, and felt so inhibited because I couldn't see the expression on people's faces when they were any distance away. We rely so much on facial cues--you take it for granted when you see clearly.

I am grateful, grateful, grateful. I thank God and bless the hands of the skilled surgeon who did the operation: Dr. Leslie Landecker.

My daughter-in-law, Sue, put this song up on Facebook in celebration of my new sight. It says exactly what I feel!


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Belinda said...

Shapour, I just visited your blog and love it. You are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a wonderful way. Thank you for leaving your blog address!