Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Apprentice

By Belinda

According to the radio. the weather today was  "breezy and steamy"  in Ontario. It felt like 40 degrees with the humidity, but I had a baking date with Tippy and a promise is a promise.

She told me last week that she needed two pies for a bake sale at school on Friday and she was excited about baking them herself.

So tonight, armed with her i pod, where she had typed in the ingredients,  she was ready to roll.

My part was simply to coach; to encourage confidence--and (I confess) tidy up the mess afterwards! Well, she had baked two pies entirely without help except for Tori coming up to help peel and slice apples. It is quite a lot of work.

I found some perfect pie apples at Costco. They are called "Red Prince," and they come from Waterloo, Ontario. But does anyone know how we have apples from Waterloo when it isn't apple season yet?

One finished and one more lid to go.

Brenda came upstairs and obliged us by taking a photo together.

This is Tippy's steam vent. I always make mine in the shape of a leaf. Hers were happy faces!

The fruit of our labours; hers and mine. Mine are the far two pies. Hers are every bit as good--maybe better!

The quote of the evening:
Tippy was dotting a tablespoon of butter over the apples before covering them with pastry. Throughout the evening I had been coaching her on some quantities of ingredients being "scant" or "generous."

"In the case of the tablespoon of butter," I said, "Don't skimp, a little extra butter never hurt anybody."

"Unless they have heart disease," said Tippy.

"Well, okay, perhaps my mentorship could use a little work." :)

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Susan said...

Hmmm. What time's the bake sale? :)