Thursday, April 07, 2011

By Belinda

My friend and coworker, Karen Lubbers a.k.a. Karebear, posted this video on her blog Riding in God’s Palm where she shares her journey of preparation and longing to return to Uganda.  She has to raise a certain amount of money to get back there with International Teams . The video shows the work that is to be done. We may be unable to be the hands, feet and heart to go there, but Karen is ready to go with our help. If God so moves on your heart, you can donate to her support on her blog.

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Karebear said...

Belinda, thank you for sharing this video. I am gearing up and beyond ready in my heart to serve this teens in Uganda once again. I hope to leave around the beginning of September... But, I'm going to miss my co-workers also. :) If anyone wishes to donate - go to the GIVE section, then type "Karen Lubbers" in the specific missionary section and you should find me. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I look forward to being a part of God's team in Uganda.