Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Writers Nest

By Belinda
The writers of "The Nest" met last night, for our annual Christmas pot luck at Bonnie's welcoming home.
Messages flew back and forth by email throughout the day. Was the party still on? Streamers blowing across from Georgian Bay created scary driving conditions in some parts. But a turkey was cooking and there was no stopping it, so while some regretfully missed this wonderful gathering, others of us managed to get there, bearing desserts and salad, truffles and wine, cheeses and sweet potatoes.
Our common bond is a love of writing, but we love one another too and celebrate the life journey that we share as we write, month by month, encouraging the gifts we see in each other.
In September we decided to publish a Christmas anthology: The Christmas Quilt--and Susan Starrett, a gifted graphic artist as well as writer, designed the title page. We all went home with our own copy of this treasury; 23 pieces of writing to read throughout Christmas.
Bonnie's burgundy, gingerbread screen door banged as each of us came in from the cold night and into the warmth of good company and food.
We laughed until the tears streamed at our baking misadventures. Michele told of the time she made a bundt cake and absentmindedly poured the mixture--through the hole in the middle. Sue made a delicious turkey soup with a carcass simmered long with vegetables and then placed a colandar in the sink and poured the stock down the drain, while saving the bones left behind. Magda made a carrot cake and thought she had added brown sugar from a bulk food  bag. It was when she licked the bowl at the end that she found she had used a bag of onion soup mix instead.
And we laughed at Magda's story of a mystified teacher who wondered at a child's depiction of the Christmas scene--three figures lying in the manger. The little one explained that they were, "Mary, Joseph and Jesus, lying in the manger." And the very round man in the background was "Round John Virgin."
We feasted, made merry, read to one another, and then went back out into the dark night to find our way back to our homes, with hearts full of friendship and Christmas.

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Angcat said...

Such good fun. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.