Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emily's Song

Emily is one of Susan's five daughters and in an email today, Susan shared this little song, written for Emily long ago. Because I know that you will love it as much as I do, and because I know that Emily, with a heart as generous as her mom's, would gladly share; with Susan's permission, here it is:

By Susan  

I wrote a little song for my daughter Emily about 20 or so years ago which we sang every night to her as part of her bedtime rituals. As one of nine, she would grasp on to anything that was just "hers", of course, so simple though it is, she loved it, and still asks me to sing it to her at Christmas-time.

You sleep in your own room in your little bed
Mommy pulls your covers right up to your head
You have toys and games to play and lots of things to do
Like crayoning in your colouring books with red and green and blue...

When Jesus came from heaven, he didn't even have a bed
His mommy made a soft place in the hay to lay his head
She put him in a manger 'cause there was no other place
And wrapped him very carefully so the hay wouldn't scratch his face.

You can make a cradle now for Jesus in your heart.
Ask him to come into to stay and he will never part.
He didn't have a place to go when he was born that night
But you can make him welcome now and his love will hold you tight...

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