Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas is Coming to the Burston Household!

By Belinda

Last night, the house sparkled with Christmas by the time I tucked in the girls and prayed with them at 9.30. They snuggled into the comforters on their bunk beds and I went back upstairs to tidy up.

It was 10.30 when I headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed myself, Paul having gone long before.

From somewhere in the house I heard...singing. I went into our room that is over the girls' room and up through the heat register came the strains of a hearty duet of The Twelve Days of Christmas. I didn't have the heart to squelch their Christmas spirit. How could I tell two sweet things to, "Please stop singing Christmas carols," when they had just spent the evening putting up Christmas decorations?

By 11.00, though, when I emerged from the bathroom, the festivities were still going strong down there, and their mom would be home at any moment. Besides, I was going to bed! I went down to find Tori and Tippy, on their knees, facing one another in the bottom bunk, playing a clapping game while singing camp songs. Caught in the act, they jumped beneath the covers. I firmly but gently warned of the morning soon to come and the need for sleep and they nodded in seeming sober agreement, but I hear that they were still up when Brenda arrived home from the hockey game at midnight.
Tonight I unwrapped the precious cake that my friend Eileen made for me before I left England in October. I didn't weigh it but it is very responsible for my excess baggage charges on the way home. This cake is a treasure and she makes one for us every year as well as one for Rob and Mum. Ours lasts us all through Christmas. Rob can't understand it--his is gone in a week!

I know that the pile of marzipan on this cake is excessive, but Paul insists! He is passionately fond of marzipan. Nancy, of Nancy's Nifty Nook asked me how big a cake I was covering when I bought four rolls. I told her it was just one. Her eyes widened in surprise.

The end result (at the top of the post) is not elegant. It would make my domestic science teachers shudder in horror; I was taught better. But clumsy though it may look, it will taste delicious and that is what counts around here.
These are Pumkin Pie Squares, which have been the hit of every celebration in our house and church since Thanksgiving. The recipe came from my friend Patricia Paddey’s blog and I share the link because every one who tastes them asks for the recipe if they bake at all.

And for now, merry pre- Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!


Dave Hingsburger said...

Our tree is up, the lights are on, a present is wrapped and under it. The tree still needs decoration, most gifts still need wrapped. But, we too, are underway. Preparing the house for Christmas is one thing, preparing the heart is another ...

Belinda said...

"Preparing the heart" is truly another; how true...and far more important.

patriciapaddey said...

Thank you for sharing the link to my blog, Belinda! You have such delightful friends here, it will be a privilege to know that some of their eyes might also glance at my blog!

Susan said...

Christmas has come all right! I walked into your house tonight and giggled out loud with pure joy. It was so nice to be greeted by Father Christmas again. And to see the nativity set right where it's supposed to be... and the Christmas tree twinkling and sparkling away. It Christmas at the Burston's! :)

storygal said...

Large cake, like Mom used to make!

We're a bit slow in the decorating department, having just taken boxes out of storage. A table centre would be a nice addition, and maybe a new garland for the front porch. While those are pretty additions for the season, I agree that what is going on in our hearts is more important.