Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm It!

By Belinda

We've been getting to know each other, bit by bit.

We watched a performance of Hamlet together with Brenda--our mutual connection--and I enjoyed our conversation during the interval.

But this weekend a quiver ran through our budding friendship when she sent home a "gift" with Brenda.

"Mom," Brenda said, proffering a plastic bag of fermenting goop.

Hesitating (as she should have,) she said, "Tina sent you this."

And dropping it on the counter, she beat a hasty retreat. It was not lost on me that she didn't come home with a bag for herself (being gluten intolerant has its blessings!)

"Aaaargh! NO! The curse of the Amish Friendship Bread! What friend gives you this?" I sighed.

It seems only yesterday that I finally gave up the endless cycle with my last batch and allowed it to die. This one comes with instructions that end with the ominous sentence: "Only the Amish know how to create the starter, so if you give them all away, you will have to wait until someone gives you some back."


Sorry, I have to go and check my bag. I think I may have to feed The Blob tonight.

And what's that sound? It's running feet--my friends are scattering. :)


Julie said...


This may be the only post with no comments, as we hastily retreat in fear of the Friendship bread finding its way into our hands.... There is always the writers nest.

Have a blessed day

Suz said...

I tried that "friendship" bread once. I must have done something wrong as it made terrible bread and the goop eventually died or I threw it out (I con't remember.)

Belinda said...

Suz, I had some last year and it was delicious when made into loaves, it's just that it multiplies faster than rabbits in spring and I spent a fortune on pudding and plastic bags trying to keep up with it! I just don't have the gusto to attack my friends with it for the second time around. Julie, you are safe!

mercygraceword said...

I can say this safely from a distance - I used to love that stuff!

Anonymous Deborah

Deidra said...

I've always wanted some of that stuff, but I think God knows better because - to date - none has made its way to my home. Enjoy!

Belinda said...

Ohhhh, Deborah and Deidra--how sorry I am that you are across the border. I'm afraid if I tried to cross over with a few bags of gurgling white stuff I might be arrested! Yes, sigh, you are safe.:)

Susan said...

Am I safe? I hope so. Friends forever, but you can keep that goop to yourself! (When it's safely baked into one of your delicious loaves, you can pass me a slice, though. :) )

Darien Gee said...

LOL -- this sounds a lot like my first experience with friendship bread (and now look at me -- I can't get enough!). I'm cross-posting this to our friendship bread page and if you're okay for me to add your starter image to our gallery, I'd love it!

Darien (author and homeschool mom)

Belinda said...

Darien, can you truly, truly "not get enough?" :) If so, have I got a deal for you! :)

Feel free to post the image. Ha ha.