Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Flander's Fields

Susan Stewart, who writes here, sent me a link to this beautiful musical rendition of the poem In Flander's Fields, sung by Adele Simmons and set to a very moving video.

I would also like to honour the memory of Susan's father (also Brenda Gresik's father, one of our blog readers,) Hugh Alden Saunders;another old soldier: March 6, 1924--February 7, 2009 (and yes, his funeral bulletin is in my loft room.)

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Susan said...

Hi Belinda,


I am certainly thinking of Dad today, as I did every year at this time. I used to go with him to Remembrance Day services as a younster and he certainly instilled in us a respect for the significance of this day.

Like your dad, those three and a half short years of service in the army (aged 17 to 21) changed and defined him right to the end of his almost 85 years of life. Once a soldier, always a soldier, I guess.

I miss him today. It's good to know there's a bit of his history in your loft. :)