Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Breaking "Molson News"

He got the call last week. Proud daddy Molson's presence was requested for a photo op with three of his young pups.

Molson's mom, Tilly, is owned by someone with McDonalds and they are sponsoring the training of the pups as servic dogs with C.O.P.E. (Canine Opportunities People Empowerment) with a wonderfully generous gift of $30,000!

So Molson was picked up on Thursday evening to be in the family photos at the official presentation of the cheque.

The names of the three pups? Big Mac (Mac), McFlurry (Flurry) and Golden Arches (Archie.) :)

Robert wanted to know if he wore a tuxedo with a scarf around his kneck, and was he picked up in a limo? I had to say no, but he did come home in a lovely yellow Toyota that looked very much like a Hummer.

Meanwhile, Molson's eating habits need some refinement, in keeping with his star status. Torie confided that he ate a chunk of her science experiment, a goopy mixture she concocted with flour, oil, salt and food colouring and which was hardening on a shelf in their kitchen downstairs.

"I had the chance to say, 'My dog ate my homework'" she said.

"I took my poster and report to school and told the class that the thing I would do differently, is put it on a higher shelf."

That's our boy!


Susan said...

Hmmm. Someone has definitely inherited her mom's delightful sense of humour!

Great story!

The only thing Tippy didn't do was to offer to bring in the proof to back up her story... nah, that would have been TOO gross. :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

In a few years she will need to learn that there are upper shelves in the heart too ... where precious things don't get broken when anger or resentment are chewing around anything they can get their hands on ... but now she has the concept, it will be easier.