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This Good Day

by Susan

It was an incredibly busy day. One need piled on top of another duty plowed into by countless interrruptions which could not be filed this time under "p" for procrastination. It all ended with a satisfying sense of "it is finished", knowing that much was accomplished, even if there was still much more left to come back to tomorrow.

As the flashing red lights of the fire truck faded into the distance (yes, a day like today HAD to be crowned with a false alarm and a visit from our local volunteer fire department!) I closed the door to my office, said goodnight to some of the wonderful people who had seasoned my day, and headed to Jane and Barb's where the cell group had agreed to meet for dinner this week at Jane's kind invitation. That was so that Belinda would be freed up to go to the shower of my newest grandson, William, instead of preparing dinner and leading the cell group as she would normally have done of a Thursday evening.

It was wonderful turn of events... I was the last to arrive at Jane and Barb's. I let myself in the front door and took off my shoes. As they fussed in the kitchen, I saw a strange sight. Belinda sitting on the couch relaxing while dinner was being prepared for her and without her!

We feasted on roast beef with roasted potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, pickled beets and - because it would not be cell group without them - corn and peas and fresh bread, all lovingly prepared by Jane, who presided over the meal from the head of the table while Barb made sure everything was passed, and collected the plates to put into the dishwasher. Dinner conversation was lively and every morsel enjoyed, right down to the lemon (without meringue this time!) pie, which was amazingly yellow due to a secret ingredient of Jane's, and amazingly good.

I mentioned the indoor pool and rec. centre which I had passed along the road on this my first visit to their subdivision and a tour was quickly organized by Jane. We convoyed through their neighbourhood, saw the house which they had bought and fixed up and is now on the market, before thankyou's and goodbyes and Belinda transferred her things from Paul's car to mine so she and I could then drive to the shower together.

I think showers, baby, wedding, whatever, are a most wonderful invention. It was a singularly good feeling to see the collection of womanhood in that room, there to bless this newest addition to the church family and to be part of that shower of love. Caroline, our hostess, moved the coffee table out of the way so the four babies would have more room to play with the moms and grandmothers all surrounding them.

Little William was well-initiated into the community with lots of love and laughter and more great food, not to mention the pile of gifts - thoughtful, practical, a bit of opulence - every category was covered.

We said our goodnights and then I chauffered Belinda home over the hills and dales between Tottenham and Bond Head past darkened fields and ghostly farms. I turned down her offer to see "the room" which her daughter-in-law Sue has been painting, because I knew I would be back in the morning for a meeting of her team at her house and she still had much to do to prepare. As did I!

As I sit here and look back over the day, I realize more than ever that God packed much to be thankful for in the last 18 hours or so. I am glad for the grace with which it was started as I was able to seize some quiet moments with him - turning over the day, and even then knowing it would be impossible to fit all I needed to do into those hours. As I committed my schedule to him, I rested in a confidence born of experience, that he would order my steps and somehow I would have all the time I needed, and just barely, to do all that was essential. And that is exactly what happened.

It was a good day. A very good day.

I wonder what blessing of grace tomorrow will bring?


Joanna Mallory said…
Susan, thanks for sharing this testimony to God's grace in a busy day. I'm facing one of those today and while I'm sure there are enough hours for what He wants to do through me, I'm not so confident in my ability to discern which things those are. Praying...
Belinda said…
Me too, Joanna! I just came here from a mini meeting with God in the room Susan referred to, our new "quiet room," and I took hold of his hand to go into the day. I found myself praying on the armour of God, but this time, as I prayed onto my head the Helmet of Salvation, I found myself praying it in terms of the peace that God can bring to a mind covered by that helmet. The same God that created and rules the universe, is whose children we are. I came under my father's covering of peace. All is well. All will be well.
Marilyn said…
THANKS for the reminder of what am amazing orchestrator of schedules God is! (Also, I must get back into a small group. It's been too long. Your post is the second reminder in two days.)

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