Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Place of Hospitality

Creating a place of hospitality can be such a gift to others. I love doing it, and when I am on the receiving end, I appreciate it so much too. There is much that I could write on this topic, but I am here late again tonight and don't want to face the world looking like a red eyed Hallowe'en monster, so I will just share another little snippet from my loft room.

It is a "rune:" an Anglo Saxon word meaning a poem with a mysterious or magic significance. This rune happens to be a "Rune of Hospitality."

I saw a stranger yestreen,
I put food in the eating place
Drink in the drinking place
Music in the listening place
And, in the sacred name of the Triune,
He blessed myself and my house,
My cattle and my dear ones,
And the lark said in her song,
Often, often, often,
Goes the Christ in teh strangest guise,
Often, often, often,
Goes the Christ in the strangest guise.

Hebrews, Chapter 13:2
Some have entertained angels unawares


Susan said...

Well, no wonder I like being at your house so much...

Marilyn said...


Suz said...

I love entertaining. And I do believe that we entertain angels unaware. Great post. Loved the poem.

Angcat said...

What a beautiful poem.