Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding the Balance

By Belinda

Short post, dear readers, for reasons that will become obvious.

I'm here at the end of a 12 hour day that's not done yet and I'm wondering how to fly straight and true.

Last night our son called and when I told him I'd just got home and he began...

He began repeating my own words back to me; the words I'd said to him just weeks ago, when worried about him and his work load, I had urged him to take care.

He had said to me then, "But Mom, I come by it honestly. You and Dad both struggle with this."

And I had said to him, "No Peter, I don't do that anymore. I have learned that I need to hold firm to the line, and you must too, because we love you and care."

So Peter took delight last night in laughing at me, and teasing; catching me out, he thought.

I said, "Oh, stop it, here's your dad, you called for him didn't you?"

But it's not so easy to stem the tide. The tide of meetings and paper and deadlines and follow up.
Yikes! Every meeting has follow up.

It's not so easy to fit it all into 8 hours.

But then I see faces, beautiful faces, and eyes of all colours, looking back into mine; those of colleagues, people on my team, parents of people I support in my work and the people supported themselves. And the hours invested seem so worth it.

So this is the day to work hard and long. There will be time to rest tomorrow...

I have to. Peter is watching. :)


Marilyn said...

May God bless the work of your hands. May it all be work ordained by Him and, if not, may He show you what you can let go of. May He multiply what you bring to it, as with the loaves and fishes. May you have a strong sense of satisfaction in the knowledge that His purposes are being accomplished, for others and for you, and may you, at day's end, have blessed rest.

At the end of each day of Creation, God stepped back and declared it good. Yes, there was more to do, but the work of that day was enough for that day.

Susan said...

I love this post! And Marilyn's comment...

Good for Peter! :)

The thing is though... it's not just about the number of hours we work in a day... it's also about doing it in a way that is not so driven as we used to be.

It's knowing we are in the centre of God's will for that moment. It's stopping the minute he says, "Okay, for you, today, it is finished." It's knowing that for us, as Marilyn said, "it is finished", even when it's not. It's about staying aware of His presence, and staying connected to His peace. It's about "being" in our "doing". And sometimes, it's about sticking at something until the job is done, even when the going gets tough. And sometimes it does get tough...

Wow, thanks for getting me pondering this morning. :)

Belinda said...

Thank you, thank you, for that beautiful prayer of blessing, Marilyn, and words of reflection, Susan.

I rested well last night, feeling God's nod on what had been done in that day; knowing that today would be lighter. I am grateful for the ebb and flow. That's the important thing--to have ebb as well as flow! I'm ebbing today. :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Its so hard when the 'need' is real. When in service to others its hard to remember to be in service for yourself. I'm glad that you've got those in your life saying ... enough now.

Olson Family said...

Yes, yes!! I love what you've shared! I needed to hear it. I have a long weekend ahead of me... and rather than feeling overwhelmed, you've encouraged me to face it with wisdom and discernment. To work hard and long. To invest. And know there is time to rest, too. Thank you.

Blessings!! ...especially as you reap the rewards of long hours of investment and enjoy your rest.

Angcat said...

Dear Belinda,
It's not just Peter watching, but many of those eyes that you love to look into, are also seeing you and praying for you...
...and watching.