Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On Monday afternoon, our last day in England, we had to pack. I wished that everything would hop into the case magically, so that it wouldn't be so obvious that we were leaving. I always find it stressful packing to go home.

Paul had traveled very lightly on his way to England but when it came time to wrestle everything back into the two cases we had brought; my large one and his very small one, it soon became apparent that getting everything in was going to be hard.

After supper on Monday evening Paul wondered if he should buy a carry-on case, but we didn't think we'd find any nearby stores open at that time of day.

Robert decided to climb up into his loft to see what was up there and came down with a small tan leather overnight case that I recognized. Cases tend to circulate around our family and this one had belonged to me, years ago. It looked the perfect size for our overflow, and after Robert cleaned it up a bit on the outside we opened it and noticed a blackened chain of some sort, looped around one of the elasticated straps in the lid.

The chain was a medic alert bracelet made out of silver, that had Mum's name on it, and her address on Bear Hill, where she had lived, two moves ago. It was just like her to secure it in the lid so neatly, but it had been long forgotten.

Later, as we gazed at the bracelet, with its small heart shaped padlock, she said to me, "You can have it if you like. It's silver." God had given Mum the gift of something that she could give to me and given me the gift of just knowing that. I will treasure it, and the memory of how it came to be found, on our last day in England.

This photo was taken just before we left as Paul said goodbye. We had so much to be grateful for and we always part looking forward to when we will meet again.

Just before setting out we were warned that there was a 12 mile back up on the M42 due to a big accident and so with gratitude for the warning, Robert plotted another route and put the map into my trembling hands along with strict instructions to say, "That's correct," and not, "That's right," when answering his questions, so as not to confuse him. Yikes! I was so nervous that I insisted that one turn was to the right, while knowing quite perfectly that it was left, and Paul was saying so behind me! In my brain, right and left had switched places! Well, we got there in time and Robert was quite calm throughout the journey considering who was navigating.

Once at the airport and having said goodbye to our cases for a while, we headed for Wetherspoons for a coffee and quick bite to eat, our hearts were full to overflowing with loving memories. We are very grateful for our time in England with dearly loved family and friends, and are happy too, to be back with our family and friends in Canada.


Dave Hingsburger said...

WELCOME HOME, WELCOME HOME, WELCOME HOME ... there's nothing more to say but WELCOME HOME.

Belinda said...

Thank you Dave!

Suz said...

Welcome back to the side of the Pond. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Marilyn said...

So glad you had a great trip and made it back as planned.