Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Encore!

By Belinda

After cooking dinner one evening last week, my nephew John wanted to know, "When is Belinda cooking again?" Yeay!

I thought of making Butter Chicken, a delicious Indian dish, which usually goes down well, but no, Robert just wanted another Shepherd's Pie.

Well, no worries! I went back to kitchen, chopping, slicing and grating again, determined to make the very best Shepherd's Pie that anyone ever tasted.

After 2003 when Mum had a stroke she never recovered any interest in preparing meals and hung up her apron for good. Never a lover of cooking for its own sake, her simple meals always tasted delicious to us because of the love she put into them. I was thinking this week about the fact that she never enters the kitchen anymore, leaving that room to other people now.

So imagine how wonderful it was, as I chopped away at the carrots, to hear the rumble of Mum's walker approaching as she came to inspect the goings on!

Although the photo below of Rob would be perfect with the caption, "Who is this in my kitchen?!"

I have to be honest and admit that in his right hand he was holding...
a cup of black coffee, to keep his sister going! :)

Our vacation is close coming to an end. We fly home on Tuesday, but we will carry home happy memories such as this with us!


Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh Belinda your trip sounds wonderful. What wonderful memories. What wonderful food. Yes, these are the times of our lives.

Suz said...

Would you share your recipe for Shepard's Pie? It sounds just right for the cold weather we have been having.