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By Belinda

In my post of yesterday: Moments; I quoted myself during a silly moment, saying that, "Dog's can't read." It never occurred to me that this dastardly comment would reach the ears of the Dogs Union, but be careful what you say....

Dogs Union Local R-UFF said...
We of the Dogs Union, wish to protest. Dogs are amongst the best readers in the world. There isn't a dog that can't read a summer sky for rain, a summer breeze for tales of far way, a lawn for evidence of past visitors. We dogs can read scent, one of our members can smell his master's seizure coming along, another works in a hospital, and he can smell cancer cells forming. Reading scent, reading the colour of the sky are one thing, but it seems we dogs have the ability to read the need for love and kindness on the face of your own species - an ability you all seem to have either lost, or perhaps thrown away. Please refrain from further dogist remarks.

Well, in the words of our esteemed Canadian, Marshall McLuhan: I don't necessarily agree with everything I say.

I'm so glad that the R-UFF reminded me of the error of my words. Dogs are the best readers of all, as their representative pointed out so well. Just last night, in fact, before my faux pax, I had been out with Molson for a delicious walk in the cool of the evening. He looked up frequently to read my face and send a message back of sheer joy in the moment. As we neared home, he slowed and looked up, reading the proximity to home. It was time to take off his red leash, fold it neatly and let him take it in his mouth, so that he could proudly carry it the last leg of the walk, as he loves to. Dogs sure can read.

R-UFF--does my retraction mean that I am forgiven? Molson says he will vouch for me and that it was just a temporary lapse.


Susan said…
Well, worms still can't read. :)
Dog Union Local R-UFF said…
Walking Woman With Pie Fingers (known in the human world As Belinda) the Dogs of local R-UFF will let you off with a warning. Forgiveness is hard wired into our genes. Sometimes this is a burden. Most times it is a gift. Walk gently with 'Father of 10' as we will be checking in with him as he is a member in good standing with his Union.
Belinda said…
Wow, sweet relief! :) Thank you Dog Union Local R-UFF, and I will be SURE to give Molson an extra Chicken Strip--his favourite treat. :)
Marilyn said…
This strengthens and confirms the validity of my greatest fear as a writer, not that nobody will read what I write, but that someone WILL. :-)
Peter Black said…
A very interesting, entertaining, AND instructive piece of blogging and commentary, Belinda.
"Whatever He Says" sure got turned around into a "Watch whatever you/we say"! :)

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