Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I think that every writer lives life listening. Any snippet of conversation is potential plunder. One of my friends routinely asks during our phone conversations, "Are you writing this down?" She is wise to ask. :)

So tonight, because I have little time to write, I am offering up three moments made me think or laugh in the past week.

Over breakfast on Saturday, Brenda shared a life lesson that she learned, she said, through (happily) past heartbreak and misery :) "Watch what people do. more than what they say."

My friend Ann shared this during a meeting last week, "A conversation takes time; but anything else takes longer."

And finally, at the risk of everyone thinking I am a complete nutbar--my contribution after cell group last Thursday. I was overcome with gratitude for a few things, including reading, and enthusing to friends Susan and Jane. "Think about what an amazing gift it is to be able to read," I said (and should have stopped there, but I added,) "Dogs can't read."

This caused Susan to burst into laughter and say, "Neither can worms." :) Welcome to Belindaland.

And finally, something sent by my friend Wayne; enjoy, I did:

Tips on How to Have a Beautiful Life


Marilyn said...

Enjoyed the slide show and the quotes. I had to read the one by Ann a few times before it sunk in, but if I got it right, I totally agree. Have the conversations that need to be had.

I love your first sentence, BTW! May have to use that somewhere (will give credit, of course). :-)

Susan said...

Ah, there's no better way to start the day than laughing... Thank you for taking me back to Thursday night. "Dogs can't read." I may have to use that somewhere, but don't worry, like Marilyn, I will give you proper credit!! :)

That's not to take away from the other things you said. Those are great snippets!

Dogs Union Local R-UFF said...

We of the Dogs Union, wish to protest. Dogs are amongst the best readers in the world. There isn't a dog that can't read a summer sky for rain, a summer breeze for tales of far way, a lawn for evidence of past visitors. We dogs can read scent, one of our members can smell his master's seizure coming along, another works in a hospital, and he can smell cancer cells forming. Reading scent, reading the colour of the sky are one thing, but it seems we dogs have the ability to read the need for love and kindness on the face of your own species - an ability you all seem to have either lost, or perhaps thrown away. Please refrain from further dogist remarks.

Belinda said...

Oh, I stand mortified and sincerely corrected! I abaolutely agree that dogs read better than humans. Please call off the Dogs Union Local R-UFF and tell themmy error was not intended and I will never, ever, again insult a dog. Of COURSE they can read! :)

Brave Raven said...

Dogs can also spell, "W-A-L-K" for example. I'm wondering if the Dog Union rep works somewhere else, perhaps Hillside, as an associate pastor?

Susan said...

I think he works for Vita. :)