Thursday, January 29, 2009

Know Him First

Philippians 3:10 (New Living Translation)
10 I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death,

What we say about who God is...well, I think sometimes we take it way too lightly, and I include myself in that.

We have our own opinions, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. But the only way to truly know God is by reading his Book every day and hanging out with him long enough for some of who he is to really sink in deep.

Do I really want to know him? Because I have to consider that knowing him may require me to change. The likelihood is high that I have some things very wrong and that I may have some major, and maybe painful, adjusting to do, in order to line up with him. Who am I kidding "may have?" He is holy, and I am not. But I will never change, unless I press in close to him and listen.

Long years ago my heart aspired
To really know my Christ Divine;
And through the years much has transpired
To make His Presence brightly shine!

Not easy things; not sun-filled hours
Have taught me of His matchless Powers
But darkest nights and hours of pain!
Have brought to me this priceless gain!

Now Lord to Thee my prayer I raise,
Oh, let my life show forth my praise
And as the years still come and go
My constant prayer--Jesus to know

Agnes Jessie MacDonald (my beloved Aunt Agnes)


Marian said...


Seeking God's Solution for a Spirit-Filled Canada said...

I know what you mean. I think I am doing what He wants but am I doing what I want? I have Paul's thoughts going in my head - for what I do is not the good I want to do.. or something like that. So I do rest in Him - study His word and pray that it will sink in to this thick skull and stay there.
Have a blessed day,