Friday, August 01, 2014

Mish Chronicles Day One

The vast canola field stretching to the distant hills, flashes by our car; so beautiful that we reach for our phones to snap a shot, but we pass too fast for it to be captured. Instead I commit it to memory; a blanket of brilliant gold bordered by steel gray, below a counterpane of stormy silver. 

It is only one scene on our journey north along the gray ribbon of road shot through with lines of white and goldenrod. Field and forest, lake and rock drench our senses with peace.

We are all sleep deprived from days of preparation--going on an average of 4 hours of sleep last night. We stay in touch by cell phone. Our four vehicles: my Honda Fit; Susan's SUV; the 24 foot rental truck and Jamie's Kawasaki sports motorcycle, carry eleven of us.

We arrive at Cochrane; our resting place for the night; by 4.30 and book into the Thrift Lodge. 

At the restaurant we all continue getting to know the rest of the group better. Susan and I split a large fresh pickerel dinner between us. A delicious dinner and more than enough for two! 

After supper, re-energized, we explore the town and soak in the peace of the place. The voices of three boys on the beach across a pond, hang in the summer evening air; a beaver cuts through the water and the sky blazes with glorious colour.

We have made it through day one! 

Tonight we will sleep well and deep.


Susan said...

Well, and deep. But not long enough. Ughh.

Jane said...

Today, Moonbeam then Kapuskasing, then Gearldton. Areas that my family lived. when you hit Gearldton 8 north another 70 Km or So to Nakina population 700- Grew up there! Jane

mercygraceword said...

On my Feedly Reader it said "Mish Adventure" and it made me laugh out loud. I see you changed it at the blog site. Glad I got to see it, made me giggle.
I love these travelogues, thank you for taking the time.


Belinda Burston said...

Jane we passed the sign for Nakina and we all thought of you and what a beautiful place you grew up in!

Belinda Burston said...

Yes, Deborah, I did reconsider that title! Ha ha!

Flemisa said...

Thanks for the picture of our hotel! Did the Polar Bear Train on Sunday, Moonbeam and Kapuskasing and Hearst on Saturday.
Hope you enjoy your time and find it a blessing.

Dave Hingsburger said...

what an honour it is to travel along with you here on your blog. reminds me of your trips to alvechurch.

Belinda Burston said...

Flemisa, We loved Cochrane! The North of Ontario is wonderful.

Belinda Burston said...

Oh, Dave, there is such a lot stored up and I only hope that I can get it all out! Being here has been like writing material overload and time famine! Aaaargh! :)