Wednesday, January 29, 2014


A  bank of pale grey clouds bordered the eastern horizon, edged thinly with shimmering molten copper. And slowly, the tiniest, brightest, diamond peeked above the gleaming edge, growing in size and brilliance with every second.  The start of yesterday morning's drive to the city!

Today, driving home,  the western sky was an exultant symphony of turquoise swirled with peachy, puffy, back lit clouds. Just so much beauty.

And this afternoon a farewell party for our boss, who will before the weekend fly into that sky on silvered wings; bound for a far off land of brilliant colours, pungent scents, exotic spices, and the music of the sitar. He and his wife will meet the daughter of their hearts face to face at last. 

For months he has been distracted, impatient, and frustrated by slow moving bureaucracy, every fibre of his being longing to bring her home. When the word came at last that the paperwork was all in place, joy arose in our cold Canadian city and a celebration feast was called for. And so we brought our best--food from many different cultures, reflecting the colourful cultural array of our team; and we laughed and ate and shared his excitement, and the party was lit by the shine in his eyes.

Karen and Dwayne, our hearts soar skyward with you as you go to bring Deepika home!

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