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Letters from Mum (In Which She Finds that People are Always Glad to Help.)

15th November, 2002

Hi! I was going to the coffee  morning but changed my mind. I couldn't sleep last night and I feel worn out. I think it was about 3 o'clock when I dozed off. I couldn't get warm somehow. I put another blanket on my bed. I thought it might have been a slight chill, as I shivered and coughed a lot. I feel warm now though. I even thought about getting up for a bit, but changed my mind. I'll be going shopping later, which is quite a job as well. The time goes so quick somehow.

I made a sauce yesterday for the macaroni today.

Dad's just come back with his newspaper. We didn't need a loaf. 

I cleaned the stove yesterday. The kettles need an extra go yet, as they didn't look right after my cleaning. I kept getting cramp in my fingers. :) Still, I'll have another go one day.

Sammy had a fight yesterday and he looked terrible when he came in. He's alright though, and fast asleep beside me. 

Timmy (Rob's youngest son) was here last night and the night before. He's such a character. He's never bored and loves drawing. Maybe another Rembrandt. :) He practices a lot of maths with his dad and he's very good. Rob encourages this as it'll help him at school. The times tables are very important, which he knows well.

I'll do Dad and myself a sandwich and I'll be back later!

Well, here I am again. Dad's gone to bed and I just did a bit of tidying up in the kitchen, cups etc. We did our shopping this afternoon, so we're well stocked up again. We bought a box of donuts (10) as I felt like something sweet. They're their own (Sainsbury's,) so fresh and lovely. 

I turned my blanket on to number 3 as the 2 wasn't warm enough anymore. So it'll be warm when I get to bed, with my extra blanket too. :) Dad had his winter blanket on a fortnight ago. I always do it in October. 

I bought another packet of Ryvita. I couldn't reach it so I looked around for someone big and asked (them) to get me it.:) Anytime I can't reach something I'll find someone who can. Rob wasn't there yet. People are always glad to help. 

Sammy is asleep beside me and is improving after his fight yesterday. He has adjusted to the hour change too, as he woke me at 7.30 this morning.

I think the weather is going to be wet and windy tomorrow. 

I didn't see Tim or John today, but they'll be along tomorrow or Sunday. A friend told me she'd seen Robert with a lovely lady friend. She said she was pleased about that. Guess who she was, YOU! :) I didn't know who she meant, but said I was glad. :) It's funny how news travels in our lovely village. 

Timmy told me that Mrs. Carter died of a heart attack. Jayne must have told him to tell me, as she knew I knew her. It's Maureen Carter, who lived next door to Auntie Audrey. We used to see each other now and then in the village.

"People are always glad to help," says so much about Mum's faith in people. I would be more hesitant to ask, more prone to struggle to do things myself--but not Mum. And people responded to her as she expected they would! People were always glad to help. :)

I had just been there in October for a visit, and she and Dad did not know that they were in their last winter together. Dad had only a month and a half left in that cold, cold house on Snake Lane.
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