Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Thoughts on a New Year's Writing

By Belinda

Over the past few days, with the luxury of extra time to think and reflect, I have leafed through my brown, leather bound journal, which contains my personal thoughts from July 2010 to the present.

Back in November, in those pages, I wrote that the act of keeping a journal, putting actual pen to paper; rather than tapping away on a keyboard; seemed to me to be  a more essentially intimate connection between heart and page.

As I read through the relatively slim quantity of entries, a mere 50 pages or so, this year; I am reminded of how true that is. Even though the entries are scattered and messily written, with many crossings out as I sought to express myself accurately; onto those pages I poured my heart; good and bad; my honest wrestling with self.

Letting emotions pour onto the page has given me the benefit of seeing that what seems like truth at one moment, often looks quite different a few days later.

Writing it all down as I wrestled through difficult issues, was more than a record of the process; it was a big part of the process.

I am grateful for what I captured in raw honesty over the past year, and if there is one thing of value that I would want to do more of this year, it is this: reflecting on and recording, my inner life as well as my outer life more consistently.

And so I have made a beginning at seriously writing a journal again.  And I think that the fruit of that discipline will also enrich what pours out here, on Whatever He Says.

Dear readers, I am always surprised and honoured that you choose to read here. Those who comment verbally or in writing are great encouragers!

Thank you for journeying with me. I commit this web space, the writing here, and the fellowship in life, temporal and eternal, to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year!


Susan Starrett said...

Belinda, I've discovered that there is something very satisfying and significant about throwing out a pen that you've written dry. A new one, fresh from a package , means new and marvellous things await you in the pages of your journal. May God bless your pen.

Belinda said...

Dear Susan Fellow Scribe,
Thank you for your blessing on my pen. And may God bless yours also! :)

Carolyn Wilker said...

There`s something about the handwritten message too, I think. Often my pen can keep up to words flowing better than typing them. For some reason I don`t worry about my writing like I do making mistakes in typing trying to keep up.

Thank you, Belinda.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Susan, Belinda, pens are wonderful but it's the pull of the open, empty page that, for me, is irresistable. At least sometimes, at others it's completely daunting. Looking forward to another year of Whatever (s)He Says

Belinda said...

Cari, I so agree with your thought on the handwritten message. My heart leaps on the rare occasion when I go to the mail and find among the junk mail and bills an envelope addressed by hand, holding a note, or joy of joys a letter, from a friend. A rare treat these days!

Belinda said...

Dave, a blank page or a brand new journal is an invitation to dance, with the partner the pen!