Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Vote Needed!

By Belinda

One of Paul's deep callings is to come alongside the First Nations of northern Ontario personally and by encouraging others to support their efforts to build strong communities where young people grow up with a sense of their value and worth.

The North South Partnership needs our votes as they compete for funding for a beautiful synthetic ice rink for Nibinamik First Nation!. Check out their creative video and follow this link to vote.  Click on this link and vote! As the grandmother of 3 hockey players I support this great project for children!


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out - how very Canadian! I must admit - I didn't vote - the whole registration process kind of turned me off I'm afraid. Yes - I guess afraid is a good term. I'm oh so cautious in giving out details over the net. But that doesn't stop me from hoping and praying.

Belinda said...

Thank you Anon, for reading and praying! I too, was surprised that I had to go into my FB account, although I did it--but only because I know the cause.

Susan said...

(FB is just one option. You can register outside of FB.)

My vote is IN...

You can vote once EVERY day! So vote and keep voting! (if you want to).