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Susan's Favourite Things

By Belinda

Susan's favourite things were hidden away in the comment box. Readers here haven't heard from her for a while, and I knew you would enjoy reading about her own unique favourites as much as I did. :) Here they are:
1. Favourite comfort food: Chocolate. No contest.
2. Favourite piece of jewellry: My mom's wedding ring, but it's way too small for me to wear it - or I would! I'm thinking of having it made into a necklace...
3. Favourite movie of all time: There are LOTS of close seconds, but I think "Lassie Come Home" has the slight edge - such enduring love, and a happy ending - what's not to love? My first dog was a collie. It was a male which meant we couldn't call it "Lassie" but I insisted on "Laddie" as the next best thing. (At least that's how I feel this week. A different movie could be remembered as my favourite next week.)
4. Favourite television theme song: Gilmore Girls. "Where You Lead" by Carol King 
5. Favourite drink: Diet A&W rootbeer but not the bottled/canned versions - only from the fountain machine thingy in the store. 
6. Favourite piece of clothing: My long black sweater - wish I'd bought two at the time!
7. Favourite hotdog topping: My own homemade relish (my dad's original recipe) and mustard. And I LOVE hotdogs - I could eat one every day.
8. Favourite accessory: I don't have a favourite accessory. I guess my favourite one would be not to have to have one at all!
9. Favourite television show: The first season of Gilmore Girls.
10. Favourite thing to do with an extra half hour: Pull a grandkid up on my knee. 
11. Favourite joke of all time? Usually the last one I heard..

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