Monday, November 14, 2011

I found this video clip made in 1985 of  David du Plessis telling of his call, through a prophesy given by Smith Wigglesworth, to a ministry he had not planned--that of taking the baptism in the Holy Spirit to main line churches. I looked him up on Wikipedia and  it was interesting to read how the prophesy was fulfilled in his life. The call he followed was not popular with other some believers and he struggled with it himself, but was faithful to follow God's direction. I loved the story he tells at the end of the clip, in which he talks of the text for which this blog is named--and calls it a recipe for miracles! Listening to this man I could sense his closeness to the Lord and I share it here because others, like me, may not have heard of him. Oh--I came upon the clip because the pastor son of the friend I wrote about yesterday, is being mentored by a 90 year old man who used to be Smith Wigglesworth's driver.

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