Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Little Henri

By Belinda

On Tuesday evening, Susan sent me an email saying that this was just what she needed to read--and maybe I did too. I was busy--connecting with several people and following up on some things I had meant to do sooner, so I didn't take time to read it until this morning.

What Susan sent was a link to a message by Henri Nouwen, one of my favourite authors; someone who has spoken into my life more times than I can count!

Thinking about what I wrote yesterday; the longing to be something different than who God made me sometimes--well, this was the best tonic for that. I should have read it sooner. May it be a blessing to you today. I give you:
A Little Henri


Susan said...

Thanks for posting this, B'a. It was good for me to read it again. I guess I should read it every day of my life...

Belinda said...

We all need to read it every day of our lives! :)