Friday, June 10, 2011

The Pie Goes On

By Belinda

I checked in before she left for school this morning to make sure that Tippy did not forget her pies.

"I've got them all ready to go," she called up to me.

Of course. Did I think that after all of that hard work she'd forget? You might guess that I had some investment in the pies that she had made for the bake sale--and you would have guessed correctly. :)

I happened to be home at 4.00, when I heard the door open and bang shut and the sound of her feet running down the stairs. I gave her a few minutes, but then I could wait no longer and went downstairs to end my suspense.

"How did the bake sale go?" I asked.

"Great!" she said, "I sold every piece of pie."

"That's wonderful! How much did they sell for?" I asked.

"Well, I told them how much you sell yours for," she said (that's $20 to raise money for the Power of One,) "so they cut them into 10 slices and sold them for $2 each."

I inwardly gasped at her confidence in asking for the worth of her pie!

"And did people like it?"

With wide eyes and nodding head she answered me, "Oho yes. And one person ate five pieces!"

"Who was that?" I had to know.

It turned out that the name of the pie's biggest fan was the aptly named "Wolfe."

When Brenda heard the story of Wolfe's capitulation to the pie, she laughed at the probability that his mother would be asking tonight, "Wolfe, why aren't you hungry for supper?"

I'm so proud of her and I'm so happy for what she experienced today: the satisfaction of sharing the fruit of her own labour in the aid of a cause and bringing delight to others through a skill she is developing.


Anonymous said...

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Belinda said...

Thank you Anon, for this information. I will post it on the blog! Philip Yancey's books have blessed my life.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Um Belinda, I usually find great meaning in your blogs, I love your stories. But I confess there was something I didn't understand here, maybe you can enlighten me. What does having 5 pieces of pie for lunch have to do with not being hungry for supper ... help me out here.

Belinda said...

Ha ha Dave--I have no idea! :)