Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tables Turn

By Belinda

My kids would probably say they ate plainly as children. Not exactly a deprived childhood, but the cereal in the cupboard was stuff like Cornflakes; Weetabix: Oatmeal--oh, and Puffed Wheat (basically air, I know!) I was a Meanie Mom who refused to buy sugared cereal. They loved my friend Irene, who would buy them Coco Pops!

Except for festive occasions, we ate lots of casseroles and home made food.

They had parents who balanced out the scales in opposite directions: Paul, who until recently kept the salt industry afloat single handedly, and who would happily live on hamburgers and fries, peanut butter on toast (white bread of course,) or large bowls of Cornflakes and Weetabix crunched together and sprinkled liberally with sugar; and me who loved nuts; seeds; yogurt; brown bread or Ryvita, and vegetables. I admit, I had my unhealthy addictions, but I naturally love healthy food.

Brenda discovered a few years ago that she was gluten intolerant and radically changed what she ate. But still, her natural preferences ran to fast food, until recently when she ramped up her focus on fitness and began training hard and getting some great advice on a healthy diet, adapted to her needs. I admire her for her efforts. She's a great role model for her girls and they are totally into fitness and learning about healthy eating.

Yesterday, as we were dividing the spoils after our turkey dinner, Brenda, with a gleam in her eye, scooped up some turkey and vegetables for lunches this week. She loves food, but not cooking!

A few minutes later she came upstairs with two small containers to offer me. "Would you be interested in these bean salads?" she said, "They're packed in lunch sized portions, but you need to know, Mom, they contain..." and she lowered her voice.

"What?" I said, wondering what terrible ingredient could be in bean salad.

"Saturated fat," she said grimly, "and I can't eat them."

"Sure Brenda, lay it on me," I thought, but I took them, and I laughed at how the tables have turned.


Theresa said...

I can soooo relate to Brenda's childhood. My mom refused to buy any of the good cereal, and we were not allowed to go down the "junk food aisle" at the grocery store. Molasses on bread was considered a treat. YUCK!!! Being a child of the 80's this was tough, all my friends had cocoa puffs and pop tarts. However, I was 33 before I had my first cavity....so I guess there was something to say for my mother's frugality.

Belinda said...

Ha ha Theresa! Being the child of children of the 60's was not easy. :) It will comfort Brenda to know that she was not alone in her deprivation. I didn't mention powdered milk, but there was lots of that too! Oh, dear, I could go on!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness I JUST read this! Soooooo funny Mom!

Belinda said...

I'm glad you finally found it! :) Yes, the tables sure have turned.