Friday, June 18, 2010

Quiet Friday

By Susan

I'm listening to the happy chatter of two grandaughters having breakfast with their Papa.  It's usually quiet in the Stewart household of a weekday morning, but this week, while Belinda is away and there was no cell group last night, we broke the rules and invited the girls over on a school night.  It's hard for them to fit in an overnight visit with so much competition from the five grandsons next door, so it seemed like a good opportunity.  Hence I was way too tired to write last night.

This morning there are many interruptions as well, from, "I hafta go ta the baffroom, but I'm scared o' the dark!" to "There's a wasp in the kitchen."  (It wasn't a wasp, just a harmless fishfly but "wasp" is certainly a much better attention getter!)

It's a little noisy in the kitchen right now, but it's still awfully quiet in my little corner of the kingdom.  Most of my writerly friends are at Write! Canada this weekend in Guelph and as a result, their twitters and Facebook status updates and blogs have tapered right off.  It seems strange not to be there - but at the same time, my memory bank is so full from years past, that I almost feel as if I'm right there with them.  Right now, Belinda will be stealing off, tiptoeing out of her room so as not to disturb her roomate (who is not me this year!) to go and spend some time with God along with her Bible and her well-marked-up Daily Light.  In years past she would get back to our shared room just in time to read the Daily Light together before heading off to worship at 8:00 - some of the best worship ever, with a group of people who love words, and write them down for His glory. 

It seems right though somehow, this pause in the flow, this interruption in the pattern, this change in expectations.  Perhaps next year I will be back at Write!Canada for this third weekend in June.  But for now I am praying for God's richest blessing to flow down and for his message to be heard loud and clear by every writer who has gathered there to learn and to grow in their craft.  May their fellowhip with God - and their fellow writers - be the best yet!


Deidra said...

What a comfortable and cozy post. Thanks for sharing this corner of the kingdom with us today. The conference sounds wonderful for those who are there, and where you are sounds wonderful for those who share it with you.


Karebear said...

Write! Canada has been an amazing experience so far. Eye-opening, great fellowship... but you are missed. I am glad that you can remember this conference with fondness. May God bless you on this day. Karen

Marilyn said...

I was praying last weekend for the last-minute hesitation some conference-goers experience. Then this morning, as I drove between appointments, my Write! Canada friends popped to mind for prayer again. I know a lot of business with God is being transacted this weekend. A wonderful conference!

Belinda said...

It is wonderful; heavenly, being here on this sacred ground, but oh, I miss you Susan!

And Marilyn, part of you is here as it was here I met you and your classes had such an impact on my writing. I took your beginner class twice because I loved it so much!

Karen--it is wonderful seeing God's purposes being advanced in your life!

And Deidra, it is indeed wonderful here--and Ann Voskamp's class is tomorrow. I cannot wait. We met yesterday and hugged eachother, saying, "Ann!" and "Belinda!" Just like heaven one day. :)