Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Prodigal Son on the Big Screen

Today I'm having a little blog holiday because it's my birthday! I thought that instead of writing I would share a video clip from the television program, 100 Huntley Street, about Toronto actor and writer, Jason Hildebrand. On Sunday we watched the Prodigal Son Trilogy in church--it was profoundly moving. God bless Mr. Hildebrand!


Dave Hingsburger said...

Enjoy your blog holiday and try as hard as you can to blow out all those candles ... did you get a fire permit?

Belinda said...

Fire permit???!! I raise my eyebrow! :) Ha ha! One of my friends sent me a card that said that aging is inevitable, but maturity is optional. I'm clinging on to that. :)

Angcat said...

I watched your link Belinda and it sounds good. I loved how Jason said that more excellent Christian movies will be released over the next few years.
I would encourage anyone who's interested in great theatre to watch a short movie online called "Butterfly Circus".

It's stunning, with unlimited messages within.

God bless you as you enter a new age zone.


Love Ang