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Reflection Reflection

By Belinda

At midday I escape: the ticking clock; computer screen; desk and mound of paperwork; for a walk in the fresh outdoors.

Emerging into sunlight and bracing wind, like some subterranean creature; the hairs on my arms stand to attention in salute to unexpected chilliness, and force a hasty, weak kneed retreat, to retrieve a warm sweater.

It is the week for the "bulky and metal" pick up in our township and I observe an interesting collection on the sidewalks, my interest equal to that of a visitor to a museum. Cast off appliances; faded, spring less couches; lopsided office chairs and torn mattresses; and assorted unidentifiable junk.

Until this week they have been tolerated; maybe patched and mended--and used, even though inadequate and dysfunctional and not wanted anymore. Now they are done with;final destination--the dump.

"Just like some of my old habits, of late," I think.

My spring cleaning has opened up space in my life for new things; functional and healthy habits. This time around they are of my choice, rather than inherited secondhand, or gathered by happenstance.

I pass a house with a curving path of pretty crazy paving edged with flowers. I wish I had my camera. And then another similar, this time the path of fixed paving stones is overlaid with dancing dappled shadows, the branches above making a lace overlay upon the crazy quilt of stones below.

The sun warms my bare neck below up swept hair. It is gentle as a benediction and as sensual as a lover's kiss.

Above me, the wind plays on boisterously with his playfellows, the trees; imitating swooshing, crashing, ocean waves.

I arrive back at my office; cobwebs gone; blown away by the fresh and friendly breeze; stepping willingingly back into  captivity, envigorated and renewed.


Marilyn Yocum said…
There's nothing like a walk and I especially enjoyed your ground-level observations of the everyday and mundane. There really is no such thing - only our failure to observe and see where it leads our thoughts. The casts-offs....their time has come to go!

Have a great day!
Brave Raven said…
My favourite image: "this time the path of fixed paving stones is overlaid with dancing dappled shadows, the branches above making a lace overlay upon the crazy quilt of stones below." Beautifully "illustrated!"
Belinda said…
Thank you dear friends. Knowing that God blessed you through this space, blesses me.:)
Anonymous said…
It's untitled.
How about
Refection Reflection?
Belinda said…
Anonymous--great title. Done! :)
Oddly, since I've been living in a wheelchair, I spend a lot more time outside. The feel of the breeze is, I thought until today, undescribable. Your gift for putting experience into words ... the wind and his playfellows the trees ... is brilliant.
Angcat said…
Beautifully said. I love your words.
Belinda said…
Dave and Ang, Thank you. From people whose writing I admire, I treasure your encouragement.

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