Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Picture Post

By Belinda

On March 25th, our granddaughter Tori turned 11. As we celebrated this occasion at cell group, I thought of the imprinting I hope is happening deep in her soul.

What rich memories she will have of the friends that gather around our table.
I hope that they will weave themselves into a blanket that will wrap her in its warmth,whenever she needs it.

Dewey--The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, by Vicki Myron (with Bret Witter). I had this book out of the library in audio CDs. Tori listened to some of it one night and fell in love with Dewey. "I have to read that book!" she said. A wish I was happy to make come true! :)


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Tori, I feel that I know you through your grandmother. Enjoy your book, I really enjoyed it when I read it.

Belinda said...

Julie--you read it too?? Oh, I fell in love with that cat! The book was so moving. The impact of that little creature who truly was a gift from God to so many people--Vicki; a homeless man; Crystal--and the whole town of Spencer, Iowa. Yep! I felt like smiling and crying throughout; and the sense of place was so clearly and beautifully created. :)