Sunday, November 01, 2009

Splendid Saturday

Wal Mart was my last stop before home after a Saturday afternoon spent at the hairdressers and then shopping. It was getting late and the sky was darkening already when I got into my little plum Honda and prepared to head for home, glad that I didn't have much further to go.

It had been spitting rain on and off and the sky was dramatically stormy. I expected it to just get darker, but suddenly and unexpectedly, the sun broke through from its hiding place behind the roiling deep blue-gray clouds. It dazzled and almost blinded me as it blazed from its spot near the horizon, and took my breath away with the resulting dramatic play of light and dark over the cornfields and trees.

The entire landscape was floodlit with such glory that I wondered half seriously whether, without knowing it, I had been in a car accident and was now in heaven, so unearthly was the beauty.

How I wished I had my camera at hand, but alas I had left it at home. All I could do was drink it all in with my eyes, and commit to memory the trees suddenly gold-lit, and the fields all a-shimmer.

In no time I was home, and instead of unloading my shopping right away, I ran to look over the fields and at the light shining through the gilded leaves dangling shakily from the branches of the silver birch tree. But the intensity was fading already.

Unloading my car, I carried in the treasures I found while trolling the stores--two lovely mirrors, a vase and a clock, as well as a supply of picture hangers and hooks; all to add the finishing touches to the room Sue painted last weekend.

My finishing touches cannot compare though, to what God did in just a minute this splendid Saturday afternoon.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Yesterday we drove along the river Thames in London, surrounded by wonderful old buildings and modern structures of breath taking design. But it was the river and the trees which captured us ... nature, made by God, amongst brick made by man. We drove along the Chelsea Embankment for several miles, sitting quietly in the car looking at the water as we drove under trees raining gold.

Belinda said...

Wow, how very beautiful. We live in such glorious, splendid loveliness, and what a gift to have eyes that notice.