Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Empress of England!

Re: The post entitled, How I Came to be Here: what a great surprise I had today when our son Peter emailed me these links to a website with photos and information about the CP Liner we sailed here on, (The Empress of England,) as well as a copy of the passenger list for September 27th, 1969. In the ship's log, you can read about the storm that stopped just short of hurricane force.

The Empress of England

Empress of England Log and Tourist Passenger List, September 27th 1969 (Pages 2 & 3)

Peter, thank you!


Dave Hingsburger said...

Who is R. F. T. Burston? How do you get Paul out of that?

Belinda said...

Oh, it is too cool that someone actually looked! :) R.F.T. Burston is Paul's Dad: Ronald, Frances, Thomas. The rest of us are on page 3 of the tourist passenger list. Paul is P.R. Burston, and I am Mrs. B.C. Burston. Paul's mum and his sisters and brother are there, too.

Susan said...

Hey, i looked, too! I thought it odd that Paul's dad was listed as "Mr." and not "Rev." and that you merited initials (B.C.) between "Mrs." and "Burston", but Paul's mum did not. Weird, eh?

Susan said...

P.S. Ron looked too!

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Anonymous said...

I too was on that sailing September 27th 1969 and remember the storm off the Irish sea. Would love to get a passenger list or any other info from that crossing.

Anonymous said...

I sailed on that ship--thought we'd die--ship tilted to the right then the left-- doors in our cabin swung open and shut---32 hr storm.Will never forget it.Karen L.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this post on the Empress of England.
We didn't survive a "near hurricane" but let's just say we survived a few things. Look up Empress of England, November 8th, 1965 and you'll see what I mean."
It could have been worse. We could have been on the Empress of Ireland.
Grace and Peace,

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your post about the Empress of England.
We sailed in November 1965. We didn't survive a hurricane. But we did survive winter storms, icebergs, a drunken captain and a collision with a Norwegian tanker in the St. Lawrence River. You can look it up. November 8 1965.
I suppose it could have been worse, We could have been on The Empress of Ireland.
Grace and Peace,