Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Celebration of Friends

I just found this amazing rendition of You've Got a Friend, by Carole King, on my Blog Buddy Deidra's blog, Jumping Tandem It is so beautiful that I had to share it.

I am especially thankful for my friends at this moment, and drew so much strength from their sweet ministrations of love over the past two weeks. Friend: the very word sounds soft and gentle, yet staunch and stalwart. Oh, how I cherish each friend, more than they will ever know. And when it's my turn to be there for you, dear friends. You've got a friend!

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Cindy B. said...

I remember spending hours and hours listening to this album, Tapestry, back in 1971 when I was a camp counsellor. I think I will try to find it on CD and add it to my iPod!

Thanks for the reminder.