Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Saturday

The Saturday afternoon fresh air and sunshine beckoned irresistably, and as soon as I could, I put on my walking shoes, stocked my pockets with biodegradable bags for clean ups on the way, and tried to find a dog that wanted to go for a walk. I didn't have to look far!

Ever since returning from England late on Tuesday evening, I have been adjusting to a world that is still just emerging from winter, having left behind spring in full swing. The grass there was green, but here in Ontario the fields and lawns are still the colour of corn husks, the green still hiding in the roots of the golden grass.

Molson trotted beside me with a spring in his paws, so happy to be outside. Eager brown eyes glanced up at me now and again, while his pink tongue lolled from the side of his smiling mouth.

My Walkman was playing some of my favourite north African music--a CD titled, From Cairo to Casablanca--and while an observer would have seen a tall woman, striding along, long blond hair streaming behind her in the breeze, the sensual, exotic rhythm of Arabic music was pulsing in her ears, and as she waited for her dog to finish sniffing a particularly delicious patch of ground, she was swaying and her foot was tapping to the music only she could hear.

Close to home I let Molson off his leash for the last short distance, while he waited to take his folded leash in his mouth. He proudly carried it, his tail cutting wide, happy swathes; a golden brush, sweeping from side to side.

A day of simple, ordinary things: laundry, shopping, sorting out our tax information, chatting with friends and family on the phone, a movie at home with Paul--and a walk with a good friend with a pink nose.

A day of gratitude for God's goodness and many blessings.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh boy do I understand this. After getting home from a lecture trip, it's the ordinary things that seem extraordinary. It's like people forget how wonderful and beautiful everyday life is ... we got back and went grocery shopping, at our store, and made dinner, in our kitchen, and watched a dvd, on our television ... home is made up of special moments that seem entirely ordinary.

Belinda said...

You DO understand perfectly. "Just Saturday," seemed like a simple post to me, and yet my heart was singing with every moment.

Meg said...

I loved this too, especially after my own "heavy" post, about which I deliberated much. I do so appreciate your descriptive words and phrases. It is nice to have another window into Belindaland, Canadian style. So glad you are back, relieved and happy about your Mum. I have a feeling my own posts in future may be a little more like this. That would be a relief for me!!

Deidra said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday! Yesterday while my husband was petting our dog he remarked that wagging tails on dogs must be the same as smiling faces on people.