Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends on the Journey

Tonight Susan and I were talking about Whatever He Says and what it means to us to write on this blog.

I've always recorded reflective thoughts in journals but I didn't think seriously about sharing them with others. At a writers conference; Write! Canada, about 5 years ago. N.J. Lindquist, in her workshop, Discovering the Writer in You, said that when God gives you something to say, you should treat it like gold; that he doesn't just give it for you, but you have a responsibility to share it.

Marilyn Yocum, another instructor, challenged me when she said, "Don't say you have a 'call' and then disrespect the Lord by not following through on that call."

Towards the end of April 2006, I started sharing the thoughts God gave me each day with a group of friends by email.

That year I went to Write! Canada, and reconnected with Marilyn Yocum. After the conference we corresponded by email for a while and she asked me what my vision was for my writing.

I wrote back saying that I would love to write a daily newspaper column, sort of sharing the journey of faith with friends. Of course I realized that dream was unrealistic. There wouldn't be much likelihood of a newspaper publishing a daily column on faith. But Marilyn had pulled my dream out of me.

She, and another friend, Elaine, suggested starting a blog to post the reflections on. In June 2006, Whatever He Says was born and I realize now that my dream came true at that moment.

Writers usually write for their readers, and I never fail to be honoured when someone chooses to read Whatever He says; there are so many excellent blogs and so much written material that we are bombarded with nowadays.

The friends who faithfully read and comment--who tell me and the other writers when God speaks to them through what is written--are the reason we write. Even if there was only person who was being impacted--it would be worth it.

Whatever He Says has become a team blog with team members posting on specific evenings; Ang Cat on Tuesdays, Susan on Friday and Joyful Fox on Sundays. Faith Girl pops in now and again with a post. The other writers enrich Whatever He Says with different voices and fresh perspectives.

We write to make a difference. We write because we must! And we write for our readers.

"The more time you spend in God’s Word, the better writer you will be. We need to really know God – our writing is the fruit of our time with God. Make use of God’s Word. God blesses our feeble efforts – it is His work.”
Shawn McMullen, editor, The Lookout


Anonymous said...

I AM SURE GOAD THAT THIS BLOG WAS BORN..I enjoy reading, look forward to opening up ever so often, sometimes daily sometimes not, but I can always read back.. Often I am inspired or challenged in my faith...

Thanks for using you gifts and talents and most of all for being good stewards of them.

Lori Lei

Belinda said...

Thank you Lori Lei! Your words are such an encouragement.

Arthur said...

You write,... and you speak to my heart.

Belinda said...

Deep and humble gratitude Arthur, that God speaks to you through the words on our blog. God bless you.