Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Prophetic Words

It was at least two years ago--sometime close to Christmas when our writers group was taken by storm by Geraldine.

Larger than life--she was a vibrant English lioness of a woman--artsy to the max--with a booming elegant voice--and a "darling" in every other sentence.

If I've made her sound affected--she wasn't--this was Geraldine--breathless--charismatic Geraldine.

Auburn hair cut in a shaggy mane, with dramatic clothing and jewelry--she sailed into our gathering one evening at the invitation of Sue, one of our members, who knew her well from Singing Waters, an inner healing ministry and retreat centre near Orangeville.

At the end of the evening Geraldine offered to pray for each of us--for the releasing of creativity. As she started to pray, I was stunned. Some of the people she prayed for, I knew as intimate friends--she had never met us before this evening and with her "attention deficit disorder" type personality could not even remember our names--and yet what she prayed over each of us felt so clearly from God that I made a concerted effort to remember what she prayed and type out what I could remember when I got home.

Tonight when I was looking for something else on my computer, I came across the words she spoke over my friend Susan. Although what she prayed was significant then, it is even more so now--when Susan is just about to set off in two weeks time for a missions trip to Mishkeegogamang--a First Nations reservation--to set up a camp for children with developmental disabilities. This is what she prayed--Susan won't mind me sharing it:

Susan – A ball of fire, a wild woman. You have been so misunderstood. God is taking all those arrows that have pierced you, the pain. He’s breaking off the timidity. You will reach people in unusual places. A nut. One of the expensive kind.

Probably not too many people know better than Susan and I how much truth there is in those words and how much has come true of late.

Some of the words she prayed over me were these:

Shoots coming up, birthing, recognizing the gift in people, doing something that causes it to start growing through the hard ground. You have a tender heart.

I see words like bells tinkling and you’re going to ring a liberty bell.

Those words capture my heart and calling. How wonderful it was to have God send us all a gift wrapped in Geraldine's brilliant packaging that night.

Prayer: Dear Lord, You have so many ways of encouraging us and using us to encourage others. I thank you for the gift of prophecy, which flowed through Geraldine the night you sent her our way. Thank you for the mystery of your ways and for confirming that you have a calling for each of our lives and you're calling it out and unveiling it as we yield ourselves to you. I pray for Susan as she prepares to go in your name--bearing love and hope with a humble and servant's heart.

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