Saturday, December 02, 2006

Moz the Fire Eating Dragon

One year when I flew back from England, my seat mate was “Moz” (short for Maurice), a young engineering student who was from Warwick and who was going to do his third year of university at Waterloo on a student exchange. He had been there since September, but because the previous weekend had been Thanksgiving in Canada and Monday was a statutory holiday, he flew home for the weekend!

I was interested to hear his impressions of the difference between the culture of Canada and that of England. He said that fellow students at Waterloo seemed much more serious about learning than his experience back in England and he was impressed by the way that the faculty of the university went out of their way to make sure that the students knew where they were going and what they were doing. That was good to hear.

Moz had spent the previous year in Australia and he still had an Australian twang. His hobbies were fire breathing and juggling, having once had a roommate who worked in a circus and then getting hooked himself!

He’d had a little trouble in Canada buying paraffin for his fire breathing. They wanted to know why he wanted to buy it!

I told him that I'd tell my grandchildren that I had sat next to Moz the Fire Eating Dragon on the plane.

How amazing to ponder the fact that in all of the people that have ever existed, there are no duplicates. Each person is a unique and special creation. Moz was a very unique person but so are we all--uniquely created for a unique assignment.

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